The Laboratory "Princess Valentina" committed on passing on "the art of knowing how to make things" and faithful to the ancient spirit of craftmanship - School - Museum, welcomes interns and trainees who wish to deepen their experience in various sectors such as: dressmaking, millinery, graphic, business management, marketing, tourism promotion, show business...

In addition, theoretical and practical courses on all entertainment activities related to history, creativity and imagination can be arranged upon request.

Some examples of courses:

  • flag throwing course

  • drumming (accompanying the flag throwers) course

  • modern and historical sewing / theatrical sewing course

  • Course of historical fencing

  • Course of historical dance

  • Allegorical animation course

  • Course of historical gastronomy

  • Heraldry course

  • Course of historical and artistic bricolage

All the materials needed for the "do it yourself" personal preparation of the clothes, the accessories and the appropriate equipment are available at the headquarters .

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