"Principessa Valentina" can offer the study, research, planning, organization, staging and direction of:

  • conventions, conferences, meetings
  • historical and documentaristic exhibitions
  • historical reenactments and battles, duels and fighting tournaments on foot and on horseback
  • historical and traditional markets with traditional crafts and artisanry (indoor facilities, pavilions decorated in style, objects, tools etc.) and wine and food with distribution possibilities, tasting, sale
  • street games, big games in costume (goose, checkers, chess, "erbescudo" cards, "infiorata", "kalendimaggio", etc.), medieval tournaments, challenges, duels, rides
  • banquets, historical, vintage, or traditional lunches and dinners, with historically accurate recipes, including service in costumes, speaker, theatrical animation, catering style (equipment, kitchens, and decorations)
  • historical parades, entertainment and processions (of any historical period)
  • liturgical and profane street theater, ancient "laudari", witch trials and inquisitions
  • animated allegories, storytellers, minstrels and clownish
  • historical dances (Circassian, branle, estampie, jig, pavane, galliard, carola, moresca, gavotte, minuet, etc.).
  • classical and acrobatic flag throwing with drums (snare, imperial, mute) and musicians
  • entertainment with audience engagement, theme parties, ceremonies, weddings, celebrations 
  • everything possibly accompanied by graphical design and publishing.

In addition, the laboratory can offer the opportunity to participate in internships of theoretical and practical study of all these activities as well as all materials needed for the "do it yourself" of the listed items.

Latest development of the Laboratory is the opportunity to receive at its headquarters, touristic, cultural, recreational, or school trips, providing, upon request, entertaining shows, food and wine tasting served in historical costume, organization of cultural and scenic itineraries in the city and in the beautiful surrounding area, which was recently nominated a UNESCO heritage site, guides in foreign languages are also available.

All the forms of expression above and the opportunity to participate directly in productive activities and recreations have shown considerable importance in order to recover from physical or mental handicap and traumas from violence. In addition, the involvement of people of different ages, cultures and experiences, and the constructive collaboration, can lead to discover potential and qualities convertible into real work and professional activities, thus contributing to an improvement both in one's personal and social life.

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