The Laboratory "Principessa Valentina" is located in Asti, an ancient town rich in history, culture and traditions, deeply tied to the past, but at the same time modern and open to Europe and the future, in Via Pietro Micca 38, Via Berruti 13, and in via Provenzale 31. It is located in the historical center, on the edge of the "recinto dei Nobili" and the San Silvestro district of the Palio d'Asti. It has a large room used for exhibition and sale, divided into thematic areas. In the past there was the Pustierla with the rooms of the Captain and Gabellieri, and the fountain of the Pilgrims. Some very interesting details can still be seen today. The company operates since many years with high quality and professionalism. It is famous in Italy, in Europe and throughout the world for his creations, for its projects and its initiatives. It is the kingdom of history, fantasy and costumes. There is an endless variety of items: more than 23,000 costumes, dresses, coats, shoes, accessories, hats, crowns, wigs, jewelry, weapons, armories, uniforms, accessories, banners, flags, leather goods, gadgets, furniture, sets, objects, decorations, fabrics ... and anything one may need to interpret the past and invent the future. In addition Principessa Valentina acts as a reference point and data base about cultural associations and historical groups and acting groups, and as a point for exchange of mutual experiences. During the visit to the Laboratory, it is recommended to visit the beautiful buildings and monuments in the city and plan an excursion in the charming surrounding landscape over the vineyards and hills of Monferrato, Langhe and Roero, which recently have been listed as UNESCO World Heritage Site.